Petite & sweet...

I've been thinking about Paris, again.  Some day I'm going to go there...my hubby has promised to take me.  But until then, I will satisfy my longing for everything Parisian by adding touches here & there to my home & in the studio.  

I have fallen in love with cloches of all sizes, but today I will share our minis.  Cloches {means bell in French} are glass domes that were developed by the French and are sometimes called bell jars.  They were first used to cover small plants in the garden to protect them from frost, but we love them for decorating and showcasing favorite momentos!

Take a look...

Sweet petite cloche with an amethyst crystal inside.

Petite cloche covering wedding photo...my beautiful daughter & business partner!

Cloche by the kitchen sink...can you see my rings inside?

Wouldn't a cloche be the perfect display for an engagement ring?  Fancy restaurant, bottle of wine, gorgeous ring presented in a petite cloche...oh lala!  Kiss me under the Eiffel Tower!

Even a girl who lives in southeast Colorado can dream...can't she?

Just me being me...Lori

PS...See our mini cloches in our Etsy shop ~ all one-of-a-kind!

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