The power of The Word...

We want to give a big "thank you" to all the friends who visited the vintage trailer last Saturday!  The wind was blowing horribly, with 50 mph gusts, but we still had ten wonderful ladies come visit!  Whoohoo!

As you might know, last fall we made the decision to move our home base from Scottsdale, Arizona to Lamar, Colorado, at which time we purchased our vintage Silver Streak trailer.  We took two weeks to completely clean, paint & equip the trailer {which we have now named Violette} to become our on-site vintage boutique filled with our vintage treasures and creations.  What fun we have had with family & friends who have encouraged us in our vision!  

Before our first opening last fall, a dear friend came to visit the trailer to give me some business advice and encouragement.  Before she left, she gave me a small engraved plaque with a Bible verse on it.  I loved this and adhered the little one inch metal plaque to the front of the trailer along with the other original plaques that Violette had gathered along the way.  More on this later...

Well, after a successful opening last Saturday, I entered the trailer on Sunday morning and realized that something was wrong!  The shower door was open, the curtain that I had made & hung to hide the commode was down and the mannequin was not in site.  I am so blonde, and my first thought was...wow, that wind was so strong it gusted through the trailer, opened the shower door and pulled down the curtain...not taking into account that there were no windows or vents open!  Upon further inspection, I saw the broken window...and I was still thinking... O...my...gosh...the wind threw something up against the window and broke it!  {I warned you about my blondness!}  But then I looked in the shower and saw that all the clothes {maybe 10 items} I had hanging in the closet had been taken off the hangers and piled in a heap on the floor of the shower, along with the curtains and the cute red, white & blue wreath that I had featured on the blog.  Immediately it hit me...SOMEONE BROKE IN!!!  I ran into the house and got my chief security officer {hubby who was reading the Sunday paper} and called him to action with the new information I had just processed.  Watching all those episodes of CSI paid off, as we were able to piece together the evidence confirming that there had indeed been a break-in.  A deputy was called, fingerprints & shoe prints taken, as well as photos of the crime scene.

But here's the most amazing unbelievable detail...not one single item was taken!!  Other than the items in the shower, it appeared that not even one item had been touched.  Why break through a 6 inch window, take the risk, and not take anything?

Here's where we come back to the little plaque...the Bible verse on the plaque is Job 5:24 which says:

You will know that your tent is secure;
you will take stock of your property and find nothing missing.

And that is why, I believe, nothing was taken!  Thank you, LORD!

Just me being me...Lori

PS...I am installing a security light...I might be blonde but I am not stupid!

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