A little something to love...

Love, love, love...new items for the vintage trailer ready to be twice loved!  Today we are featuring items that celebrate love in honor of the engagement of Ross & Halie!  So happy for both of them!

Free-standing letters for home or wedding decor {custom orders taken!}

Turquoise frames and books...

Sweet pink frame and books...

Wine bag with charm...perfect engagement gift for the happy couple!

So, we only have 1 more day until our big event, and the weather is cold and drizzly.  My planted pots are back in the garage, for the third time, and I am ready for warm sunshine and one last time of setting up the plants and decor around the outside of the trailer.  Nothing like having three dress rehearsals!  I am so thankful for the moisture, though, and the weather is predicted to be in the mid 60's on Friday, which will be perfect!  I had a friend stop by the trailer today for a test run and she gave me 2 thumbs up!! I feel the warm sunshine already!

Just me being me...Lori

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