Full bloom...

Visited the greenhouse yesterday and got a little color to spruce up the old trailer!  This is just a sample of what Gayla is bringing to the Open House next Friday and Saturday...

I decided to cover some of my old plastic {yuk} pots with burlap for a vintage vibe.  Luckily, my burlap sack was big enough to set the pot inside and then I tucked the edges of the sack over the top and inside the pot.  It worked pretty well, and now I just have to pin the corners back. 

I love how the burlap sack has writing and color!  I also found this old watering can that was totally rusted out on the bottom.  No worries!  I stuffed some pieces of burlap in the bottom to keep the soil from sifting out, added some cute yellow flowers and viola!  It's perfect!

Everything at the Twice Loved Vintage Trailer is in full bloom...

only 6 more days!

Just me being me...Lori

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