Everyday pretties...

I love all the fun & trendy ideas for organization...especially for makeup!  It keeps your everyday items within easy reach, easy to find and use, and looks stunning as a display {for those of us who adore makeup!}

Flower frogs are a stylish and practical way to store makeup brushes...notice how they each have their own space?  It is recommended to wash your brushes regularly and this is a perfect way to dry them without worry.

Vintage metal trays can hold your daily makeup needs in a beautiful way...right, Coco?

Our trays have been distressed and embellished with vintage designed paper or vintage sheet music.  I love the song titles...currently in our Etsy shop there is a tray with the title A Song of Hope.  How fun for someone "hoping" to stay young looking!  {That's all of us, right?}

Have fun organizing!

Just me being me...L

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