Everyday pretties...

I love all the fun & trendy ideas for organization...especially for makeup!  It keeps your everyday items within easy reach, easy to find and use, and looks stunning as a display {for those of us who adore makeup!}

Flower frogs are a stylish and practical way to store makeup brushes...notice how they each have their own space?  It is recommended to wash your brushes regularly and this is a perfect way to dry them without worry.

Vintage metal trays can hold your daily makeup needs in a beautiful way...right, Coco?

Our trays have been distressed and embellished with vintage designed paper or vintage sheet music.  I love the song titles...currently in our Etsy shop there is a tray with the title A Song of Hope.  How fun for someone "hoping" to stay young looking!  {That's all of us, right?}

Have fun organizing!

Just me being me...L


Romantic proposal...

 At Twice Loved Vintage, we have an over-the-top love of books {at least one of us... hehehe}!  We designed our vintage embellished books with a secret compartment perfect for hiding anything small, precious & sentimental.  

We just happen to know that some lucky lady will be receiving one of our books...with an engagement ring inside!!!  How romantic!

Here's the book...

... and here's the secret compartment!

There is only one book left and you can find it in our Etsy store!

Congrats to the happy couple!

Just me being me...L


Vintage flower cards...

We woke up to snow this morning!  Beautiful, big flakes!  I always get spring fever this time of year...so here's what I created...

I love this topiary card!


I love flowers and am constantly amazed at the beautiful colors, delicate petals and diversity of the design.  And, just like us, no two are exactly alike.  I can imagine God smiling as he created each species, knowing how much beauty and joy they would bring us.  Sending flowers is a great way to brighten someone's day, and these flowers won't wither or fade...

You can purchase these in my Etsy shop...all one-of-a-kind creations so hurry and "pick" yours!

Just me being me...L