Custom Creations...

Just finished two custom crosses this week...so beautiful to the eye and precious to the spirit!  I hope they bring joy to the family now that the family jewels are openly displayed...

Both crosses where made from the costume jewelry of a mother and a grandmother.  Can you find the watch, the airplane and the pineapple?  They're there!  And, keeping in tradition with our lagniappe giving...we made 2 magnets as a free gift!  What a blessing to work with such nice people while helping them preserve their memories!

Our crosses come ready to hang {alone or framed}, or we can attach a ribbon so they can be tied around a candle or book {a stack of family Bibles} for home decor.  Twice Loved Vintage brides love their crosses tied to candles and used during their wedding ceremonies as the unity candle.  What a great keepsake for years to come, especially if the cross contains family jewelry!  Contact us if you are interested in custom crosses!

Just me being me...Lori

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