One thing I knew I absolutely wanted, needed, had to have, was chandeliers in the vintage trailer!  Now, light fixtures in a camping trailer are unique; they are plastic {yuk}, very light-weight, and held up by one very small bolt that also doubles as the switch.  Mine also happened to be 45 years old!

After realizing that a real glass chandelier was not an option {even if it was very tiny and super cute...I did find one!}, I decided to improvise and make my original plastic fixtures look like they were chandeliers.  So, I found some Christmas ornaments and took them apart, rebuilt them and this is the result...

Do you like them?  They definitely look like chandeliers, but are small and light-weight so that very small bolt can hold them up, if they do happen to fall they are plastic and should not break or cause injury, and they only hang down about 3 inches so most of us don't have to worry about hitting our head on them.  Magnifique!!

Thinking about naming the old girl "Jewel".  What do you think about that name?

Just me being me...Lori

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