Twice loved baby bassinet...

A friend gave us this antique wicker bassinet which will be perfect for Baby Girl's first weeks at home!  After some spray paint, lots of tulle, bedding & a bow with bling, the bassinet is ready.  We loved the idea of covering the base to look like a tutu.  The brooch on the bow is one of our vintage finds and the ideal finishing touch on a bed for a princess!

This is how we do it at Twice Loved Vintage...

Antique wicker bassinet...well loved!

The bassinet ready for Baby Girl...

Cozy & comfy with a beautiful vintage brooch...so twice loved!!

Thanks, Judy, for the gift of this beautiful bassinet!!

Just me being me...Lori


  1. Where did you get the mattress for your bassinet?

    1. I know this reply is several years late; however, I'm sure there will be others, such as myself, seeking information to follow. I ordered a custom made oval bassinet mattress from ababy.com. The bassinet given by my mother-in-law to my niece (my side of the family) looks exactly like this one and the interior dimensions are 31" x 19". I ran across this pic when when Googling "bassinet tutus" to get some idea of how much tulle I would need. I am making a bumper pad, which will have to be about 8" high (depth from edge to floor of interior is 10" and the mattress is 2" thick)

  2. I had to make my bassinet mattress w foam from Joanns ... This is a cute idea w all the tulle ;)

  3. Any idea how old this bassinet is? I recently acquired one and can't date it.

  4. I had one of these for my son 27 years ago and would love to buy another one for my upcoming grandchild. If you know of one for sale please let me know at seesterlal@hotmail.ca

  5. Looking for same one for my first grandchild. Would love to know where you found yours. Thanks

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