Old-fashioned hamburger & fries...

Nothing works up an appetite like junkin' around looking for treasures!  Recently, we stopped in at In-N-Out to refuel, and just had to share this fantastic burger drive through and restaurant with you!

First, a little history...In-N-Out was started in 1948 by Harry Snyder and was the first drive through restaurant in California.  The employees wear white uniforms with red aprons, and, from my experience, are all super nice!  There are two "not-so-secret" secrets regarding In-n-Out.  The first one is the "secret" menu that you can find on their website but is not listed on the menu board at the restaurants.  Those in-the-know will order their burger "animal style"...if they like grilled onions, that is!  The second one is the reason behind the "crossed" palm trees that are planted at most In-N-Out locations.  The trees represent the location of a buried treasure {from the movie It's a mad, mad, mad, mad world} and are living symbols of Harry's treasure {In-N-Out and drag racing, the theme of the movie}.  Currently, there are over 200 In-N-Out locations in California, Utah, Arizona and Texas.

I am hoping for one in Colorado very soon...I wonder if they will use crossed pine trees instead of palms...

My order...single with cheese...animal style...fries & an iced tea...YUM!

Back of restaurant while waiting in line for my order...

This is what they specialize in...best burgers on the planet!

Well, we're off to another treasure hunt...we'll let you know what we find...stay tuned!

Just me being me...Lori

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