Puppy love...

How did I get here? I have just found myself having a conversation with my doggie!  We talk about the weather.  We talk about my daily "to do " list.  We talk about my weight, wardrobe and hair.  I vent to her when I get frustrated and celebrate with her when I accomplish something.  She is my sole companion for 10 hours a day, 5 days a week.  No wonder we talk about so much! 

And, yes, she does talk to me too.  But she mostly listens.  I love that!

This is my Bella with snow on her face!
This is Shelby also with snow on her face!
And this is little Lexi Lulu, our princess!
God sure knew what he was doing when he made dogs.  After all, dog is God spelled backwards!

Just me being me...Lori

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