Dressing for spring weather...

We knew it would happen.  We talked about it last week.  Yep.  Just as the lilacs are getting  ready to bloom, spring has disappeared and winter is trying to make a come-back with howling winds and much cooler temperatures.  Two days ago I was watering flowers and enjoying 80 degree weather.  Today I am back to jeans, a sweater, my Tom's and a {gasp} jacket!  I am convinced the definition of spring is "somewhere between winter and summer, but  can be either or both in the same day!"

The ever changing spring weather makes it so hard to decide what to wear in the morning...I am so tired of my "winter" clothes and so ready to wear the fresh spring colors and style trends.  So I found this article that I thought was helpful, and now my only question is what in the heck are smoking slippers???

Smoking slippers found on Pinterest

The Do’s And Don’ts Of Dressing For In-Between Weather

Is early spring not the most awkward time for getting dressed!? Every morning, it’s like pulling teeth trying to find an outfit combination that won’t leave you either really, really cold or really hot. And while retail stores are fully promoting their spring/summer collections, mother nature still occasionally flips the temperature dial to 20 degrees (thanks for that). You’re so sick of coats, jackets and boots and have worn every sweater in your closet at least 5 times.
When the weather is schizophrenic like this, we all look like idiots — some of us under-dressed in flip-flops or bare legs (I’m looking at you, tights haters), while some of us show up sweating and panting everywhere we go from the unnecessary layers of scarves, sweaters or jackets. It’s difficult.
But it doesn’t have to be. Some Do’s and Don’ts for dressing for this in-between weather:
Do wear shift dresses.
Don’t wear sundresses.
Do wear bronzer.
Don’t get a spray tan (yet).
Do wear platform or wedge sandals.
Don’t wear high-heeled Tevas. Ever.
Do wear layers.
Don’t wear long underwear.
Do put your fur in storage.
Don’t put your sweaters in storage.
Do wear a lightweight, printed scarf.
Don’t wear a SNOOD.
Do carry a cardigan in your purse.
Don’t carry a bikini in your purse.
Do keep an umbrella handy.
Don’t wear rain boots every single day.
Do wear cropped skinny jeans.
Don’t wear capri’s (for fashion’s sake).
Do wear smoking slippers or ballet flats.
Don’t wear any shoe that is lined in Shearling.
Do keep vests, jean jackets and other transitional outwear around.
Don’t keep your fur, down or puffer coats around.
Do shop trends like polka dotspastels and more.

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