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So, I was on my way to the Felch House Inn for our wedding show last Thursday, and it suddenly dawned on me!  After years of working in public education and mostly being a stay-at-home wife and mom, I have officially become an independent business owner and partner with my daughter, Ashley, the other half of Twice Loved Vintage.  Now this might sound silly to you, as we have been in business for over a year, but for me, it was quite a revelation.
Let me back up and share a little of my past with you.  As a young girl, my sister and I would spend hours playing at what we called "office."  This involved the use of boxes filled with tons of goodies given to us by our doting Grandma.  The boxes were filled with receipt pads (the duplicate kind with the messy purple carbon), pencils, pens, paperclips, stapler, staples, hole punchers, rubber bands, and so much more.  We treasured these boxes, and used the goodies to go about running our make-believe grocery market and other imaginary shops that required our childhood business skills.  It was such a treat for us to have the "real" supplies with which to play.
Now fast-forward to April 2010, to my daughter's wedding.  This was the beginning of our business, as we realized shortly following the wedding that there were surely other brides looking for the same type of vintage items we used in Ashley's wedding, which we designed and created ourselves.  After much discussion and support from hubbies, we received our legal business papers on February 4th, 2011, a very special date to us and a sure sign that we were off to a great start!
So almost 14 months later, I have moved from the realm of "playing office" to Co-founder and Designer of Twice Loved Vintage LLC, the real deal!  Thanks, Grandma Carmie!

My Grandpa Glenn, my Mom, and my Grandma Carmie
Just me being me...Lori

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