A funny story...

Several years ago, I started asking for trees for my Mother's Day gift.  My backyard is big, and at that time, it was very barren with hardly any green in sight {except the weeds that seem to thrive even in impossible conditions}.  I would request what kind of tree I wanted, and the kids would buy it and plant it and I would have a living chronicle of Mother's Day.

So, I asked for one of those gorgeous flowering purple plum trees.  I had seen a few around town and they were always loaded with blooms in the most beautiful shade of purple.  When my tree arrived, it had already blossomed but the tree was covered in green leaves and looked healthy and strong, even though it was only about five foot high.  I picked the perfect spot in the yard, right outside my bedroom window where I could see the tree every morning.

Yippee, skippee!  My own purple plum tree...not!  Upon closer examination {by way of the identification tag hanging around the trunk of the tree} my new tree was a flowering crab apple!

Hmmmm...subtle, and yet effective.  Now, every time I watch my beautiful crab apple tree bloom, it reminds me to have a sense of humor and a good attitude! 

My Mother's Day crab apple tree starting to bloom...
...and in full bloom.  Isn't it beautiful?

Just me again...being me!

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