Cupcake dreamin'...

This is what I'm talking about...cupcakes so good you think about them all day...for a week!  We were lucky enough to meet with Linda at 21 Cakes to plan our upcoming photo shoot and took advantage of the situation...haha!  We picked 6 of the yummiest cupcakes you will ever find, and here is how we rated them:
Box of deliciousness!
The winner!  Coconut!!

1.  Coconut
2.  Red Velvet
3.  Banana Nutella
4.  Salty Carmel
5.  Lemon
Where to begin...they are all so yummy!
As you will notice, we had to get 2 of the coconut!  If you are in the Indian Bend/Scottsdale Road area (Scottsdale, Arizona), stop in and get some for yourself, and let us know your favorites!    

Just me being me...Lori

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