Buds & blooms...

Oh, how I love spring!  Things in my backyard have started to bloom and we have already had some 80-90 degree days.  The trees are in full bloom, the lilacs are budding and the grass is greening up.  Yay!!

Spring always reminds me of the goodness of God.  I mean, winter is so brown and all the plants and trees look as if they have died...then add a little rain, a few warm days and, wallah!  New life appears everywhere!

I have already cut some forsynthia to bring inside, and the lilacs {my favorite} will be next.

Lilacs budding out and getting ready to bloom.

Ornamental pear tree in bloom.

Forsythia in full bloom.

Succulent "perking up" and peeking out of the winter mulch.
What is blooming in your backyard? 

Just me being me...Lori

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