A funny story...

Several years ago, I started asking for trees for my Mother's Day gift.  My backyard is big, and at that time, it was very barren with hardly any green in sight {except the weeds that seem to thrive even in impossible conditions}.  I would request what kind of tree I wanted, and the kids would buy it and plant it and I would have a living chronicle of Mother's Day.

So, I asked for one of those gorgeous flowering purple plum trees.  I had seen a few around town and they were always loaded with blooms in the most beautiful shade of purple.  When my tree arrived, it had already blossomed but the tree was covered in green leaves and looked healthy and strong, even though it was only about five foot high.  I picked the perfect spot in the yard, right outside my bedroom window where I could see the tree every morning.

Yippee, skippee!  My own purple plum tree...not!  Upon closer examination {by way of the identification tag hanging around the trunk of the tree} my new tree was a flowering crab apple!

Hmmmm...subtle, and yet effective.  Now, every time I watch my beautiful crab apple tree bloom, it reminds me to have a sense of humor and a good attitude! 

My Mother's Day crab apple tree starting to bloom...
...and in full bloom.  Isn't it beautiful?

Just me again...being me!


Buds & blooms...

Oh, how I love spring!  Things in my backyard have started to bloom and we have already had some 80-90 degree days.  The trees are in full bloom, the lilacs are budding and the grass is greening up.  Yay!!

Spring always reminds me of the goodness of God.  I mean, winter is so brown and all the plants and trees look as if they have died...then add a little rain, a few warm days and, wallah!  New life appears everywhere!

I have already cut some forsynthia to bring inside, and the lilacs {my favorite} will be next.

Lilacs budding out and getting ready to bloom.

Ornamental pear tree in bloom.

Forsythia in full bloom.

Succulent "perking up" and peeking out of the winter mulch.
What is blooming in your backyard? 

Just me being me...Lori


The big announcement...

So we found out when we were in Hawaii for Thanksgiving that Ashley & Steve were expecting, and because it was so early, we had to keep it quiet.  Now that the pregnancy has reached 20 weeks, we can tell everyone and now we know that she is a girl!  Whoohoo!!

This is the preggers cookie that I bit into to reveal the sex of the baby...

 And here we are "tickled pink" when we discovered the inside of the cookie was pink!!  Two crazy grandmas and a very happy Aunt Kelly!!

This was such a fun way to find out the baby is a girl, and now...let the shopping begin!!

Just me...being me!


To top it off...

4 inch embellished "S" for sale on Etsy
Sometimes the smallest details are the most important when planning a wedding or other special event.  In a wedding, there can be literally hundreds of details, but none is more important as a finishing touch as the topper that sits upon the wedding cake.
Cake toppers come in thousands of designs and should match the personality of the bride and groom as a couple, rather than individuals, symbolizing the start of their life together in wedded bliss.  A trendy topper, that is also timeless, is the monogram.  Our first monogram was created for Ashley's wedding, which she then used upon her first anniversary cake, and now uses as decoration in her home.  In the future, it may find a place upon the wall of a nursery...more on that later!

We can customize a cake topper to meet your request.  You can pick color, size, style and shape, including but not limited to monograms.
We can also incorporate a piece of your own jewelry to make your topper a family heirloom, or a "borrowed" piece of jewelry to fulfill the "something borrowed" tradition.  We delight in pleasing our brides and we want you to be thrilled with the creation we make just for you!

3 inch horseshoe topper for sale on Etsy

Cupcake "C" topper...this one is already sold to a lucky bride!

Sample 3 inch "21" at 21 Cakes

Sample cupcake "L" topper at 21 Cakes   

If you are in the Scottsdale, Arizona area, you can see samples of our toppers at 21 Cakes where Linda can help you with ordering your cake and your topper!

To order your own custom cake topper, contact us or visit our Etsy shop to purchase the toppers shown here.

Just me being me...Lori


Wedding Chicks features Diana Elizabeth Photography and Us!

Like the sweet memory of a summer night romance, the gorgeous venue and adorable flower girls made this photo shoot unforgettable.  I found myself wanting a tutu!  

Event Designer:  Angela Saban Designs
Photography:  Diana Elizabeth Photography
Venue:  Felch House Inn, Phoenix
Tutus:  Juju's Tutus
Jewelry:  Twice Loved Vintage (Bridal Jewelry)
Makeup: Aeni Domme
Hair:  Vonn Wynn
Cake:  Angel Cakes Bakery
Flowers:  The Garage by Ivy
Dress Designer:  Uptown Bridal & Boutique
Veil/Hair Accessories:  Posh a la Mode
Flower Girl Jewelry:  51st Avenue Designs
Wooden Signs:  My Soul Speak
Parasols & Aisle Runner:  Bella Aisle Runners


Cupcake dreamin'...

This is what I'm talking about...cupcakes so good you think about them all day...for a week!  We were lucky enough to meet with Linda at 21 Cakes to plan our upcoming photo shoot and took advantage of the situation...haha!  We picked 6 of the yummiest cupcakes you will ever find, and here is how we rated them:
Box of deliciousness!
The winner!  Coconut!!

1.  Coconut
2.  Red Velvet
3.  Banana Nutella
4.  Salty Carmel
5.  Lemon
Where to begin...they are all so yummy!
As you will notice, we had to get 2 of the coconut!  If you are in the Indian Bend/Scottsdale Road area (Scottsdale, Arizona), stop in and get some for yourself, and let us know your favorites!    

Just me being me...Lori


The rest of the story...

So, I was on my way to the Felch House Inn for our wedding show last Thursday, and it suddenly dawned on me!  After years of working in public education and mostly being a stay-at-home wife and mom, I have officially become an independent business owner and partner with my daughter, Ashley, the other half of Twice Loved Vintage.  Now this might sound silly to you, as we have been in business for over a year, but for me, it was quite a revelation.
Let me back up and share a little of my past with you.  As a young girl, my sister and I would spend hours playing at what we called "office."  This involved the use of boxes filled with tons of goodies given to us by our doting Grandma.  The boxes were filled with receipt pads (the duplicate kind with the messy purple carbon), pencils, pens, paperclips, stapler, staples, hole punchers, rubber bands, and so much more.  We treasured these boxes, and used the goodies to go about running our make-believe grocery market and other imaginary shops that required our childhood business skills.  It was such a treat for us to have the "real" supplies with which to play.
Now fast-forward to April 2010, to my daughter's wedding.  This was the beginning of our business, as we realized shortly following the wedding that there were surely other brides looking for the same type of vintage items we used in Ashley's wedding, which we designed and created ourselves.  After much discussion and support from hubbies, we received our legal business papers on February 4th, 2011, a very special date to us and a sure sign that we were off to a great start!
So almost 14 months later, I have moved from the realm of "playing office" to Co-founder and Designer of Twice Loved Vintage LLC, the real deal!  Thanks, Grandma Carmie!

My Grandpa Glenn, my Mom, and my Grandma Carmie
Just me being me...Lori


More aquamarine...

Anne Hathaway wearing an aquamarine gown.
It's halfway through March and we're still thinking about the gorgeous color aquamarine that those born in the month of March are lucky enough to have as their birthstone.  It is one of those colors that just looks serene and calm, and reminds us of those tropical vacations where laying in the warm sand is the most strenuous activity of the day.
My youngest son was born in March, and I am still waiting for my vintage ring (I'll take the one pictured below!).   He turned 22 a week ago...
There are many shades of aquamarine, from very light blue to dark blue and can include stones with shades of green as well.  
We love our line of "Something Blue" items that contain all shades of aquamarine.  Not only is it a gorgeous wedding color, but can fulfill the wedding tradition of "something blue" on the bride's big day.  Using blue in something small, like a garter or bouquet embellishment, or more lavishly, like the bridesmaid's dresses, adds a beautiful touch to any wedding.  

We love our vintage cake server shown below, with the blue velvet ribbon.  How about you?

Just me being me...Lori
Lovely vintage ring found on Etsy.

Vintage cake server by Twice Loved Vintage.


Awesome venue...The Felch House Inn, Phoenix, AZ

We were so pleased to be included in this very small, quaint wedding show at the beautiful Felch House Inn in Phoenix, Arizona!  The Felch House was once owned by a doctor that actually lived and practiced out of the house in the 1920's.  It has recently been restored and is now a bed & breakfast and venue for weddings, parties and other outdoor gatherings.  The grounds are green, lush & quiet, a sweet secret paradise and retreat from the busy (and noisy) city that surrounds it.
Dreamy poolside spot to display vintage wedding unity candles & crosses and vintage jewelry.

Our table...filled with just a few of our favorite vintage beauties!

My favorite cuff bracelet adorned with vintage jewelry in graphite, pink and purple...yummy!

     All of our items shown are for sale...contact us or check out our Etsy shop!

Just me being me...Lori


Hunger Games

Reading about the gorgeous, flame-inspired dresses in the nation's new obsession The Hunger Games book series has got me thinking about how to keep the fire alive inside relationships as well... I can't speak for everyone, but I'm pretty sure a turning up the heat with these date night outfits couldn't hurt!

Hunger Games


Local Fridays!

Pizzaria Bianco. Joe's Real BBQ. Bashas. Changing Hands. Just Sports. These are all names you've probably heard of a thousand times before, but Arizona has many local treasures that aren't as well known. Unfortunately, you're unlikely to discover them unless you spend your Saturday mornings scouting the various farmer's markets that are scattered across the Valley... But that's where we come in! Being a former downtown Phoenix urbanite myself, I have spent a ton of time exploring everything from the vintage shops on 7th Ave to the weekly farmer's market on Central and have uncovered some great finds along the way. Adding a little bit of local fare to your wedding is an easy way to help the economy, go green and find great products that don't exist anywhere else! So to kick off this new weekly tradition, I'm going to open with every girl's favorite comfort food and the Arizona chocolatiers from Wei of Chocolate.

It has become common knowledge that some dark chocolate is good for your health, but the ladies at Chocolate of Wei have taken it to another level. Lisa Reinhardt and Katie Hess have combined their confectionary skills and blended it with the enlightenment Lisa gained in Nepal, Tibet and India to create a product that not only tastes delicious, but also helps you center your being. Yes, really. But does it work? Each kind of chocolate is infused with a flower essence that aims to help you achieve a different mindset - anything from relaxation and gratitude to focus and love.
In all honesty it sounded a little hokey to me, but I thought I would give it a shot and sampled my first piece at Scottdale's Art Walk. The gentle, citrusy flavor of their "Wei Joyful" chocolate tasted fantastic although I wasn't convinced it would "inspire me to action" as the girl helping me claimed. But to my surprise, an hour later I was "in the zone" and designing like a fiend without even remembering the little dessert's mystical properties! Was it just the power of suggestion or did the flower essence really balance my chi or something? I guess I'll never know for sure, but regardless, the rich, smooth flavor of this organic, gluten free, vegan AND fair trade product definitely deserves a place in your guests' goodie basket. Who knows, if you include the "love" variety you might just help start a few more happy endings...


Time Marches on...

Some of our Aquamarine treasures!
LOVE the March birthstone!

March Birthstone : Aquamarine

Birthstone Color: Pale Blue
March birthstone          If you can picture the cerulean blue waters of the Mediterranean, you will understand why the birthstone for March is named Aquamarine.  Derived from the Roman word "Aqua," meaning water, and "mare," meaning sea, this pale blue gem does indeed resemble the color of seawater.  The ancient Romans believed that the Aquamarine was sacred to Neptune, the god of the sea, having fallen from the jewel boxes of sirens and washed onto shore.  Early sailors wore aquamarine talismans, engraved with the likeness of Neptune, as protection against dangers at sea. 
          The association with water led to the belief that the Aquamarine was particularly powerful when immersed.  Water in which this gemstone had been submerged was used in ancient times to heal a variety of illnesses of the heart, liver, stomach, mouth and throat.  Aquamarines were also used to reverse poisoning and to aid in fortune telling. 
          The Aquamarine is a member of the beryl family.  Beryl is a mineral that crystallizes within large grained igneous rocks on the earth's crust.  It varies in color from clear to vibrantly colored gemstones such as the Emerald.  Beryl was used as far back as 2,000 years ago to correct vision, and it continues to be used today in the manufacture of eyeglasses.  It is a very hard mineral, making the Aquamarine a durable gemstone for use in jewelry. 
          Aquamarine varies in color from blue-green to a light sky blue, but gems containing green are often heat-treated to remove this less desirable color.  The majority of Aquamarines, unlike other gemstones, are flawless.  It is a relatively abundant gem, the largest deposits being in Brazil, but other sources of Aquamarine are in China, India, Australia, Africa, and the United States. 
A gift of Aquamarine symbolizes both safety and security, especially within long standing relationships.  Some people even say that the Aquamarine reawakens love in a tired marriage, so if you want to bring back that spark in your partner's eyes, you might consider this gem as an anniversary gift!



Twice Loved Vintage Jewelry...Bridal Jewelry

Bridal Jewelry: Twice Loved Vintage    Photography:  Diana Elizabeth Photography


A sea breeze...

Tonight I booked a date with my couch to watch the movie Oceans Eleven and munch on popcorn without shame - the ultimate reward after a weekend of double shifts. Anyway, when I was finally done absorbing the George Clooney-Brad Pitt-Matt Damon eye candy overload, I began to think of things I would do with an unlimited supply of money....

Last summer I went on a cruise with my mom and sister to Catalina Island and I fell in love with the gorgeous architecture of the grand "Casino" (above) that is actually an old 1940s movie theatre! Something about the combination of old Hollywood glamour and a sea breeze made it seem like the perfect place to have a wedding and I promised myself if I ever won the lottery (or stole millions of dollars in a casino heist) this would be where I have my big day. Unfortunately, it doesn't look like I'm going to become a millionaire today, but I thought my mind could still do some wandering so here are some of the most beautiful waterfront locations in the world! Dreams of a destination wedding await...

Twice Loved pinterest!


Juju's Tutus photo shoot features our jewelry!

Have you ever seen anything so adorable as this tutu on the flower girl?  I want one!

Bridal Gowns courtesy of Uptown Bridal & Boutique

Bridal jewelry courtesy of Twice Loved Vintage

Photo Booth Setup designed by Angela Saban Design


Spring is coming!

Ivory flower with topaz and coral center
      Spring is definitely on the way...I believe the saying is "March comes in like a lion and out like a lamb" and it felt like a lion here on Tuesday!
       Vintage flower clips are a fun way to start bringing spring into your wardrobe.  They can be worn on sweaters, bags, scarves or in the hair.  Each flower is made from silk petals with a vintage jewelry piece as the center.  The clip on back is a 1 1/2 inch alligator clip so it stays put!
       Vintage flower clips are great gifts to cheer someone up and can be custom ordered by favorite color or birthstone. What a nice way to let someone know 
you are thinking about them!

Ivory flower with buttercream center
Ivory flower with red center
Pink and ivory flower with yellow center

Purple and white flower with purple center