Pinterest in Action!

On Mondays I would usually collect and post the best of our Pinterest page, but today I’m going to post a Pinterst project I actually MADE! Yes, for real folks, I saw something online and decided to make an attempt at physically manifesting it.

Okay so here is the picture I was inspired by... This one is from Emphasis Added!, but you can find tutorials anywhere online.

Anyway, my roommate and I got together to craft this lovely piece and purchased the following supplies:
1. Canvas
2. Crayons (the size of your canvas will determine the number of crayons you need, but we got a 64 pack of Crayola... no Roseart is not the same!)
3. Hot glue gun
4. Hair dryer (with an intensifying attachment on the front if possible, it makes the wax melt quicker)

The process for creation is relatively easy. All you do is hot glue the crayons directly side-by-side on the top of your canvas (we took the paper off of ours, but the glue will stick either way). From there just start blow drying! After a few minutes of constant heat the crayons will begin to melt and drip down the page. Slowly, but surely the wax will trickle down the canvas... You just need to decide how far down you want it to go!
PS: If you have any issues with the wax splattering everywhere, try holding the hair dryer along the top edges of the crayons rather than the long front side.

Here we are in action:

When you're finished you can either hang it with the wax melting downward, or flip it around like we did!
Normal way...


Like the project? Here are some even more ways you can get creative with it :)

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