Sweet Treat Lovin'

Guys have a lot to live up to on Valentine's Day. Bouquets of flowers, decadent chocolates and sensual nights are just a few of the expectations many women have placed on their man after years of reading an unhealthy number of Nicolas Sparks novels.
Not me though. I have only ever wanted one thing on Valentine's Day and this year I finally got it:

Oreos. Yes, really. The only thing I have ever wanted for Valentine's is a box of Oreos. Why would I want a bizarre mixed chocolates when I can have the dependable goodness of the chocolate cookie and icing combo?

Well regardless, this wonderful gift inspired me to look for some yummy junk food accessories on Etsy so I can rep my Oreo love without the calories :)

Starting on the top left, around the square:
{Coffee Necklace with Cream: $15 + shipping} {Soap cupcake: $5.50 + shipping} {I Love to Bake earrings: $14 + shipping} {Junk food charm bracelet: $23 + shipping} {Macaroon barrette: $15 + shipping} {Birthday cupcake necklace: $12 + shipping} {Lemon slice earrings: $6.25 + shipping {Upcycled magnet set: $12} {Cupcake ring: $4.75 + shipping} {Hotdog brogues: $97 + shipping} {Pancake necklace: $12 + shipping} {Toast and Eggs ear studs: $15 + shipping} {Oreo cooking earrings: $15 + shipping}

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