Captain Planet wants YOU to have a green wedding!

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Keeping the environment in mind when you’re planning your wedding can be a great way to give back, even if Earth Day has already passed!

Personally, I love going to Goodwill on half-off Saturday and picking up an eclectic mix of vases, china and picture frames. They are the exact type of products that can be discovered over a few weeks of scavenging and are perfect for D.I.Y. reception decorations. Not only are you saving these items from a landfill, you’re also getting a killer deal! If you’re not interested in spending your weekends sifting though thrift stores, beautiful, gently used wedding dresses can be found online at sites like The Dress Market and give new life to a frock that’s probably only been worn once.

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Another way to make an impact is to hire a caterer who uses local products. Not only are local dives more likely to take orders closer to the Big Day because they won’t be overwhelmed with large orders, you will also be helping the local economy and environment! Because companies that use local products don’t cook with food that’s been shipped across the country, you’re lowering the carbon footprint of your wedding. Also, many local producers are dedicated to ethical farming practices – that means you’ll be getting a product that contains less harmful hormones and pesticides than meat from many factory farms.

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If you’re passion is animal activism, check out eco-friendly makeup that hasn’t been tested on animals. All-natural formulas have been gaining popularity and mainstream stores like Sephora carry a broad selection of options including the infomercial sensation “Bare Escentuals”.

To help your guests get in on the fun, offer a reception gift even Captain Planet would be proud of by looking up the Green World Project. This program provides tree seedlings for “every occasion” and is designed to help people participate in creating an appreciation for nature in their greater community. To get a hold of this unique favor go to the website at least three weeks in advance so they can start growing!

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