Twice Loved Vintage debuts on national commercial!

Share the Spirit Fashion Share is happening this weekend!  Share the Spirit is a non-profit foundation that provides shoes to needy children all across the United States through their fundraising events.  In this national television commercial, Tonya Voepel, co-founder, is wearing a red loopy scarf and vintage feather clip designed and created by Twice Loved Vintage.  

Best wishes for a successful event raising tons of money for the kiddos!!


Pinterest in Action!

On Mondays I would usually collect and post the best of our Pinterest page, but today I’m going to post a Pinterst project I actually MADE! Yes, for real folks, I saw something online and decided to make an attempt at physically manifesting it.

Okay so here is the picture I was inspired by... This one is from Emphasis Added!, but you can find tutorials anywhere online.

Anyway, my roommate and I got together to craft this lovely piece and purchased the following supplies:
1. Canvas
2. Crayons (the size of your canvas will determine the number of crayons you need, but we got a 64 pack of Crayola... no Roseart is not the same!)
3. Hot glue gun
4. Hair dryer (with an intensifying attachment on the front if possible, it makes the wax melt quicker)

The process for creation is relatively easy. All you do is hot glue the crayons directly side-by-side on the top of your canvas (we took the paper off of ours, but the glue will stick either way). From there just start blow drying! After a few minutes of constant heat the crayons will begin to melt and drip down the page. Slowly, but surely the wax will trickle down the canvas... You just need to decide how far down you want it to go!
PS: If you have any issues with the wax splattering everywhere, try holding the hair dryer along the top edges of the crayons rather than the long front side.

Here we are in action:

When you're finished you can either hang it with the wax melting downward, or flip it around like we did!
Normal way...


Like the project? Here are some even more ways you can get creative with it :)


Obsession with Purple!

Vintage Feather Clip {Twice Loved Vintage}

          It might be due to the fact that I was born in February, or it might just be my personality, but I love purple!  I have been in love with deep, rich, royal purple from the time I was a little girl, and when I found out that my birthstone was amethyst, I was completely and ridiculously hooked! After all, folklore claims that amethyst denotes power, healing, wisdom and spirituality, and who wouldn't want that?  In ancient times, cups were made from amethyst and were believed to have the power to prevent drunkeness.  Soldiers wore a piece of amethyst into battle for protection.  Kings and queens treasured the gemstone as far back as 2500 B.C.  And, is it true that amethyst can control evil thoughts, help hunters capture animals, and make you shrewd when it comes to business matters?
          This wanna-be princess says "yes!"  

Cuff Bracelet, Embellished Cross & Spray Brooch {Twice Loved Vintage}


Our first shipment to 21 Cakes!!

          The first package is on the way to 21 Cakes in Scottsdale, Arizona!  We met Linda at the Scottsdale Wedding Walk and immediately knew that we wanted to be a part of her fantastic  delicious business specializing in 6" cakes and cupcakes.  After a little downsizing, her "21" cake topper made from vintage glass pearls and crystals is on its way to meet a most wonderful cake on which to sit upon. 
           In the works: 3" monograms encrusted
with vintage jewelry and just right for the 6" 
cakes.  And yet to come: tiny 1" monograms
so cute and perfect for the finishing touch on 
a cupcake!
           I was lucky enough to get to taste Linda's lemon cupcake at the event, and later the red velvet cupcake.  They were both to die for, so moist and flavorful!  Linda has perfected her recipes and they are one of a kind...just like our vintage creations!  Check out Linda's website at www.21cakes.com, or stop by her shop if you are in the Scottsdale area!
          Stay tuned as we continue to develop new products and add fresh items.  Remember, customization is our specialty!  It is our pleasure to help create the perfect touches to your special day.  Whose next to receive a special package from Twice Loved Vintage??

At left: the "21" crystal and pearl cake toppers created just for 21 Cakes!  Above:  The cake toppers wrapped and ready to be mailed.


Spring shoes!

If there weren't already enough reasons to love Arizona's 75 degree February weather, now you have another: spring shoes! As much as we loved/were slightly afraid of autumn's thigh-high leather boots, nothing brings me as much joy as the sweet colors emerging for the new season. Here is a preview of some of the heels we're dreaming about :)

Want to find out where you can get all these lovely styles? Check out our Pinterest at { http://pinterest.com/2lovedvintage/ }


Scottsdale Wedding Walk

           Great venue, great vendors and awesome event!  Twice Loved Vintage, along with Christina Clark Events, debuted in Scottsdale on January 29, 2012, at the Scottsdale Wedding Walk vendor event.  We met many wonderful people and had the opportunity to showcase our products to brides along with their moms, bridesmaids and friends.  'Tis the season for weddings!

At right: Embellished cross on 6x15" candle, two necklaces on bust { two strand pearl necklace with vintage bow brooch & three strand pearl necklace with vintage brooch in lilac and purple }, embellished cross on 6x12" candle, vintage cake server embellished with vintage jewelry.  Below:  monogram cake toppers { S on cake & N on suitcase }, vintage jewelry { on mannequin and in tray }, vintage bridal clutch with purple brooch.  

Our "vintage chic" display
          Thanks to Christina Clark, all the friendly vendors and everyone who came by our table!  We are looking forward to meeting you again in the near future...cheers!


Sweet Treat Lovin'

Guys have a lot to live up to on Valentine's Day. Bouquets of flowers, decadent chocolates and sensual nights are just a few of the expectations many women have placed on their man after years of reading an unhealthy number of Nicolas Sparks novels.
Not me though. I have only ever wanted one thing on Valentine's Day and this year I finally got it:

Oreos. Yes, really. The only thing I have ever wanted for Valentine's is a box of Oreos. Why would I want a bizarre mixed chocolates when I can have the dependable goodness of the chocolate cookie and icing combo?

Well regardless, this wonderful gift inspired me to look for some yummy junk food accessories on Etsy so I can rep my Oreo love without the calories :)

Starting on the top left, around the square:
{Coffee Necklace with Cream: $15 + shipping} {Soap cupcake: $5.50 + shipping} {I Love to Bake earrings: $14 + shipping} {Junk food charm bracelet: $23 + shipping} {Macaroon barrette: $15 + shipping} {Birthday cupcake necklace: $12 + shipping} {Lemon slice earrings: $6.25 + shipping {Upcycled magnet set: $12} {Cupcake ring: $4.75 + shipping} {Hotdog brogues: $97 + shipping} {Pancake necklace: $12 + shipping} {Toast and Eggs ear studs: $15 + shipping} {Oreo cooking earrings: $15 + shipping}


A Valentine's Carol

When I was a sophomore in high school our teacher asked us to write a poem "from another person's perspective" for Valentine's Day. Knowing most of my classmates would write angsty verses about their secret, tortured experience with unrequited teen love (it's no secret 16-year-olds take their own feelings wayyy to seriously), I decided to take a more humorous angle. When my friend from the newspaper heard my... unromantic take on Hallmark's favorite holiday, she decided to interview my for a Valentine's article. Unfortunately, the rest of my classmates didn't realize the assignment doesn't reflect my own viewpoint, so for the remainder of the year I was known as the girl who "hates love" (as quoted in a letter to the editor from a member of the student body).

Though I really do think Valentine's is (at least to a degree) a corporate ploy to take our money, what's wrong with taking a day to celebrate the people who love us?? So without further ado, here is A Valentine's Carol...

There is no award for hating Valentine’s Day,
But if there were
I would have won it yesterday.
Every year this holiday comes around
So people wish for romance
That’s not to be found.
It’s about kisses, candy, and cards that you got
Chocolate you eat
Until your teeth rot.
And I’ll be frank-
Tis something I often do-
It’s Hallmark CEOs that really love you.

But when I fell asleep on Valentine’s Eve
It wasn't long before I awoke
Feeling peeved --
A ghost in black leather sat on my bed
With the label “Valentine’s Past”
Written in red.
My eyes open wide
(with horror to be sure!)
But the Harley’s silver handles
Had a certain allure...
I sighed in relief
As she spoke with a Brooklyn drawl,
“Get on girlie, or you ain’t comin’ at all!”

Shortly thereafter we arrived at the scene,
A memory that happened
When I was only thirteen.
The boy that I liked was outside the door
Singing “You Are So Beautiful”
With his knee on the floor.
I descended the stairs to kiss him on the cheek
But after that day
I didn’t see him for a week.
If I wanted a boyfriend,
Looking back I now know,
Sneezing boogers on him
Probably wasn’t the way to go...

When we got back to my house
I hoped it was over,
But a man was there in a ruffled pullover!
He was decked out in pink
From head to toe,
And on top of his head
Lay a white, lace bow.
“I am Valentine’s Future” he winked and said.
I was confused.
Wasn’t he skipping ahead?

“I know what you’re thinking”
He observed with a smile,
“I wear women’s clothes
Like they’re going out of style.”
“Not exactly,” I grinned trying to be pleasant,
“I was just wondering,
What happened to Valentine’s Present?”
“Valentine’s Present?” he asked in shock,
“He is only a myth!
How do people believe such talk?”
“I don’t know and I don’t really care.
Can we please get on with this ugly affair?”
“All right, all right, don’t get your panties in a bunch.
We’re leaving right now,
Before you need something to punch.”

The future was pink and happy
Instead of morose;
My husband was perfect,
So romantic it’s gross.
And what’s even worse
That ruined the show,
MY HUSBAND was a Hallmark CEO.
“Take me home! I’m done! It’s through!
I knew I never should have listened to you!”
As soon as I got home
I jumped in my bed,
Drank half a bottle of Nyquil
That knocked me out dead.

At the beginning of this story,
After just three lines,
I said I should win an award for hating Valentine’s.
But I don’t think that anymore,
Since I've met a man that I adore.
He hates that day even more than me,
And now there’s talk of making
Valentine Hater number three!

By Arielle Hurst, age 15

Sweet love


This past week we were lucky enough to be invited to a photo shoot put on by LaRicki and Diana Elizabeth Photography! We had a blast at the Arcadia Room and hanging out with other local vendors :) Check out the beautiful results of all our hard work!

Twice Loved Vintage made the jeweled clutch on the top left, but the rest of these amazing products are thanks to...


Now that Valentine's Day is just around the corner, we decided to celebrate with a few festive posts! Expect the next week to be filled with some serious Polyvore action as we track down the cutest, heart-covered outfits and accessories...

Heart Attack!

1. Polka Dot Heart Illusion Necklace: $55 - betseyjohnson.com 2. Cotton cardigan: £25 - houseoffraser.co.uk 3. Heart sunglasses: €175 - colette.fr 4. French Connection red pumps: £25 - debenhams.com 5. Ted Baker coin bag: £59 - houseoffraser.co.uk 6. Marc by Marc Jacobs Wild Hearts iPhone 4G Case: $34 - couture.zappos.com 7. Heart jewelry: $16 - modcloth.com 8. Dorothy Perkins long sleeve top: $49 - dorothyperkins.com 9. Black shoes: $30 - modcloth.com


Ombre Roundup!

Because of our new obsession with Pinterest we have been finding loads of adorable pics from all over the web! Today's love? Pink ombre :)

(From left to right, top to bottom)

1. Baked by Let Them Eat Cake

3. Based on a recipe from The Wedding Chicks

4. Photo by Lisa Lefkowitz via Style Me Pretty

5. Repinned from better than dorm food by Kristen Lange

6. Posted on Threadsense

7. Designed by Bridal Nails

8. Repinned from Just My Style by Samantha Pelton


Captain Planet wants YOU to have a green wedding!

{picture from: amoderngirlslife.blogspot.com}

Keeping the environment in mind when you’re planning your wedding can be a great way to give back, even if Earth Day has already passed!

Personally, I love going to Goodwill on half-off Saturday and picking up an eclectic mix of vases, china and picture frames. They are the exact type of products that can be discovered over a few weeks of scavenging and are perfect for D.I.Y. reception decorations. Not only are you saving these items from a landfill, you’re also getting a killer deal! If you’re not interested in spending your weekends sifting though thrift stores, beautiful, gently used wedding dresses can be found online at sites like The Dress Market and give new life to a frock that’s probably only been worn once.

{picture from: thedressmarket.net}

Another way to make an impact is to hire a caterer who uses local products. Not only are local dives more likely to take orders closer to the Big Day because they won’t be overwhelmed with large orders, you will also be helping the local economy and environment! Because companies that use local products don’t cook with food that’s been shipped across the country, you’re lowering the carbon footprint of your wedding. Also, many local producers are dedicated to ethical farming practices – that means you’ll be getting a product that contains less harmful hormones and pesticides than meat from many factory farms.

{picture from: acleanlife.org}

If you’re passion is animal activism, check out eco-friendly makeup that hasn’t been tested on animals. All-natural formulas have been gaining popularity and mainstream stores like Sephora carry a broad selection of options including the infomercial sensation “Bare Escentuals”.

To help your guests get in on the fun, offer a reception gift even Captain Planet would be proud of by looking up the Green World Project. This program provides tree seedlings for “every occasion” and is designed to help people participate in creating an appreciation for nature in their greater community. To get a hold of this unique favor go to the website at least three weeks in advance so they can start growing!

2012 - Things to look forward to!

Here are some things we are looking forward to this year with Twice Loved Vintage:

{1} Attending wedding events - If you live in the Phoenix area, get ready to see us more! :-)
{2} Launching a baby line. Well, we are all moving into that next chapter eventually....
{3} New products. We have SO many new products in the works and currently being designed.
{4} Connections and Clients. We are very excited to meet new brides and people in the wedding industry.

We love what we do and want to connect with vintage-lovers like us!  Check out etsy for the latest products ready for purchase!