Reception Fun!

As much as we all love Aunt Eunice’s rendition of Sweet Caroline after a few hours at the open bar, impromptu karaoke doesn’t have to be the only entertainment at your reception. With the right activities, the reception can be one of the most fun and memorable parts of the day for you and your guests!

Dancing lessons: Though dancing may sound a little cliché, giving your guests an opportunity to get their hips swinging can be the perfect ice breaker for a group of relatives who haven’t seen each other in a while. My cousin hired a belly dancer to teach us all a few moves at her wedding and within minutes we were all doubled over in hysterics watching my uncle attempt a stomach wave! Don’t know if belly dancing is your taste? Consider the upbeat “East Coast Swing” style, or even hip-hop – it doesn’t matter as long as people are willing to risk a little embarrassment and join in!

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Cake decorating: This idea is great for a few reasons:
1. You don’t have to spend time or money pre-ordering a bunch of fancy-shmancy desserts.
2. Guests can make the cake to their liking, so you don’t need to worry about someone being upset with the selection, and…
3. You can make it into a contest that the bride judges - whether your guests win or lose, they still get to eat! All you have to do is provide miniature, unfrosted cakes in a few flavors and leave out different icings, toppings, sprinkles and candies for couples to use as decorations. Even if more frosting gets eaten out of the can than put on the cake, it still helps guests bond while they show off their artistic talents!

Lawn games: These time-tried gamse never fails to inspire peoples’ competitive nature or promote social interaction. Old favorites like badminton, croquet and bocci ball are easy to set up and some party companies provide portable lanes that can be arranged for an outdoor game of bowling! (Of course you could always create your own set up on the dance floor too - purchasing old pins from bowling allies is inexpensive, and you can allow guests to keep one afterward as a memento of the evening!)

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Book a unique location: Rather than holding the event in your backyard or at a reception hall, get more creative and consider other venues like the aquarium near a local carnival or a water park. Locations like this often accept reservations within couple weeks of the event, so there’s no need to stress months beforehand. Though these may sound like ideas for a 10-year-old’s birthday, youthful exuberance is exactly how you feel now that you’re with Mr. Right, so why not let your guests get in on the fun?

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