Foot Candy!

Though I don’t think Carrie Bradshaw started our shoe obsession, she certainly made us less ashamed to admit a pair of Manolo Blahniks would totally be worth the $1000 if we had it! Despite the fact your shoes will most likely be hidden under yards of white satin, many women love the idea of having their feet dressed as glamorously as the rest of their silhouette.

If you’re looking for the perfect set of heels to walk down the aisle in, I’ve found a few sites that will help you pick a pair even Carrie would be proud of…

{1} Payless 

Now I realize Payless is not the first place many people think of when it comes to high fashion, but for weddings their selection is surprisingly diverse! With the help of fashion designer Lela Rose, Payless has created a line of women’s satin bridal shoes that come in 15 styles and 64 colors – not to mention, they’re all under $50! With variety and prices like that you can afford to pick a pair for yourself… and the bridesmaids and the flower girls and - well, you get my point!

If you’re willing to shell out a little extra cash, you might want to check out this website. My Glass Slipper features mainstream designer shoes and categorizes them so specifically you’re bound to find whatever it is you’re looking for in no time! Want a pair of mid-height heels with a peep-toe and rhinestones in dark plum? You’re just a search away from finding your perfect pair of Kate Spade pumps!

Admittedly, this is my favorite site. Instead of searching for designer deals, you become the designer of your own pair of signature shoes. I have spent the last half hour changing the color, material, style, height and accessories on a virtual shoe I am creating. Though the $260 pair isn’t exactly a bargain deal, they cost less than many designer shoes and are tailored to your exact specifications. Even if this site is outside your budget, use it as boredom buster while you start saving! (And yes, that is one I designed as the picture. Kinda funky, but hey, the possibilities were nearly endless! :)

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