Think outside the box: Wedding cakes!

If everyone adhered to the timeline bridal magazines recommend we might have had a chance to reconsider the bridesmaids’ dresses or time to find a better M.C. than Aunt Eunice. Between ordering flowers and deciding whether white or ecru colored napkins match the place settings, there is always some aspect of the planning process that gets pushed to the last minute. Fortunately, that doesn’t have mean a crisis situation, even if you forgot to * gasp! * order the cake!

After talking with Jay Murphy of Kick Ass Kakes and Lanette Romero from Cakes Contessa, two wedding cake designers from Phoenix, Arizona, I gathered some great tips for brides who need to order a cake, like, now.

Cupcake Tower: Martha Stewart has made a fortune designing the cutest cupcakes we’ve ever seen, so why not channel some of that edible adorableness (Yes, “adorableness” - Word didn’t even spell check it!) and make a wedding cake out of it? Cupcake stands come in a variety of styles in stores, but if you’re strapped for cash, a little D.I.Y magic can help you make them yourself following this link from Design Sponge. If you’re worried you might miss the picture perfect opportunity to smash a piece of cake into your husband’s face, don’t be. Just order a small cake to perch your husband and wife figurines on and use it as the top tier of your cupcake tower!

{photo from: thecompletecupcake.com}

Cake pops: Speaking of cute, these bite-size desserts are not only simple and sweet, but at one per person they are portion control at its finest! On second thought, you might want to order extra…

{photo from: Kristin Lange}

The dummy cake: According to Jay, some hotels keep a supply of pre-designed foam cakes to display at weddings. If you’re not much of a cake fan, but still appreciate its traditional appeal, look into renting one of these fake cakes and order another dessert for your guests to enjoy! (The one below is really a fake!)

{photo from: big-wedding-tiny-budget.com}

Ice cream cake: Of all the ideas I’ve listed, this is the only one that was too brilliant for me to help think of. Aside from being a sublime way to chill out at upcoming summer weddings, Lanette says they are perfect for preparing on the fly because they don’t require any baking and are still frosted to look like a conventional cake! You better make sure the reception’s running on time though, otherwise your masterpiece might become a puddle…

{photo from: blog.heatherkitchenimages.com}

Because the cake is often used as the centerpiece of the reception, you never want to have to sacrifice its style. If a traditional vanilla-on-vanilla cake has always been your dream, I was surprised to hear that both shops I talked to were willing to accept orders within the week of the wedding! No matter what kind of cake you order, Jay said, “The design and decorating are the most time consuming parts of the baking process.” As long as you keep it simple, you should have no problem putting in your order and moving on to more important tasks…like finding a real DJ…

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