Cheers to 2011

This year has been unbelievable! So so SO many things to be thankful for and I have a feeling 2012 will be even BETTER! Yup. I said it....I know it's a bold statement, but you have to dream big, right? Sometimes I wonder how life can just keep getting better and better. It's crazy! I hope ya'll had just as good, if not better year than we did, and here's to the new year!! CHEERS!

{photo from: The Beehive Blog}


Twice Loved Bride {Caroline}

We are SO excited to share a TLV Bride's real wedding pictures with you! This wedding is stunning and a perfect example of how TLV can fit into a modern wedding. Enjoy!

Caroline + Bill

Congrats Caroline and Bill! We wish you lots of love and happiness. {hugs}


My Birthday!

I am so lucky....I got to spend my actual birthday in Hawaii, then when I got back, I went to a fun dinner with my besties! So blessed this year! (Let me remind you that LAST year I was recovering from foot surgery on my birthday. So this more than makes up for it!) I think I am good for another year :) *smile*